adidas Runners Community

question27THE TASK:

Since day one of BOOST Berlin in 2014 adidas has built a running community which already has more than 9000 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Our aim is to support adidas by fascinating its community members every day and ensuring that adidas Runners have the opportunity to become greater with every run.


To change the way people experience running we support adidas creating a community activation strategy including daily runs in each city community as well as highlight races combined with a holistic approach containing running practice but also nutritional and medical support to provide a perfect surrounding for every runner.

configuration7 OUR ROLE:

From co-creating the concept behind the global running community we assist with managing and executing the needs of the adidas Runners community.
Therefore we manage the daily business of adidas Runners Berlin and support the other German, Austrian, Swiss and Tel Aviv communities. Our work includes the handling of product-management, maintaining the adidas Runners Tracker which is the digital hub for all adidas Runners and the activation of highlight and major runs like Berlin Marathon and Berlin Half-Marathon for the Community. We also accompany the adidas Runners focus groups like the girls of “Who Said Girls Can´t Race” and the Speed Squad on their way to achieve their full running potential.

completed-3THE RESULTS:

The connection of seeing the Community growing every day and the happy faces, hugs and high fives after every finished community run is what makes our job so exciting and special.

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