Olympic Games Rio 2016

question27THE TASK:

act.3 was in charge of supporting adidas in various projects during the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. The main ones were the adidas creators base, the Influencer Base, the German House, Team GB House support, various guest programs, training events, and asset support.


The projects were divided into teams to deliver accurate services to each project. We coordinated the adidas base, where all guests, employees, and athletes of adidas and media would come for a common interest – interaction with the brand. At the influencer house, well known influencers would generate content about how adidas days look like during the Olympic times. Other activities included: supporting German house with newsletters; creative F&B solutions; creation of the athlete lounge which only they could access; development of a digital store in the British house.  All of them were activities, where we delivered our expertise and gave attention to every single detail to achieve stakeholder satisfaction.

configuration7 OUR ROLE:

  • Project coordination
  • Asset Management
  • Retail Management
  • Guest program management
  • Media support Management
  • Transportation services
  • F&B management
  • Staff coordination
  • Support with Brazilian legislations
  • & more

completed-3THE RESULTS:

Good flow and rhythm. Good organization and cooperation. All adidas employees were happy with the outcome, Olympic athletes were very satisfied, as well as guests, and media.