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Young Champions Tournament 2016

question27THE TASK:

A Group of almost 60 young footballers from 5 different countries received an unforgettable week-long adidas experience. The agenda included: visiting the World of Sport – adidas headquarters, participating in an exclusive football tournament and watching the UEFA Champions League Final at the San Siro stadium in Milan.


The kids experienced several brand contact points by visiting various departments and taking part in a training session led by a youth coach from FC Bayern München. Participants then embarked on the journey from Germany to Italy in the adidas bus with on-board entertainment like music, PlayStation and more. In Milan they had a day-long experience with AC Milan – History, food, football activities and a training session led by an AC Milan youth coach. Before watching the UEFA Champions League Final live, the kids participated in the Young Champions Tournament played out on the official UEFA Festival Pitch.

configuration7 OUR ROLE:

act.³ designed, organized, constructed and set-up the entire Young Champions 2016 experience. The concept generation for the most enjoyable experience for the kids was accompanied by planning and communicating with the markets around the world and constructing all the necessary accessories for the experience (like the backdrop for the YC final) and all the necessary set-up areas which the kids passed through.

completed-3THE RESULTS:

The tournament was a big success, with a female team taking part for the first time. The kids were excited by each activity and integrated well with one another. The team from Japan was this year’s tournament winner. They left with a big smile and, along with the other teams, thanked the brand for the amazing event.

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