We are a family of brands.OUR OWN BRANDS AND INITIATIVES ​CONNECT PEOPLE THROUGH ​passion AND purpose.


We believe that sustainability affects everything and can benefit everyone. We are committed to empowering sustainability across all business areas and enabling others to do the same. We founded act GREEN, to "unlock your sustainable impact".



We founded act.3 RETAIL because we believe in revolutionising the retail world and putting people at the centre of the journey. act.3 RETAIL creates integrated, brand-driven, digital and physical consumer journeys to provide 360-degree retail and sales services.


We believe that having an open mind and access to open-source environments are essential for creativity, so we established our own working and meeting space in Herzogenaurach: HZO / Factory. HZO/ Factory is a collaborative, community-driven space inspired by fresh perspectives.



We believe that being physically and socially active is the best way to make our world a happier place, which is why we created ACT.IVE: a social and cultural initiative powered by act. 3. Our ACT.IVE goal is to directly unite, inspire, and move people in our communities. We accomplish this by developing various platforms, activity programmes, and event formats for you: all people, interests, and ages.


Brand Activator Community

We are a talent factory; development and opportunities for growth are core to way of working Our Brand Activator Community comprises primarily of students and young talents. Our Brand Activator (BA‘s) are at the forefront of each activation. They execute projects with an extensive network and structure across Germany and our global offices. As part of their work, BA'S are immersed in the act.3 culture, strategic trainings, industry exposure and personal mentoring. BA‘s are connected by key cities and a passion for sport, culture and sustainability.


The act.3 Football Culture Academy (F.C.A.) is a group of football culture experts and activists dedicated to the future of football. Our goal is to reconcile & reconnect football culture with the football industry. We do this with real insight and love for the game.



LABKITCHEN is a natural eatery, serving plant-forward nutrition. We celebrate real food, create experiences with flavour and share why it matters. Our aim is to be as ecological as possible from creation through to delivery.


Heimspiel is a hybrid café experience merging coffee culture with local Bavarian cuisine. We create fresh salads, seasonal food and serve tasty, conscious and regional dishes.


FILTER is our pop-up coffee corner. Taking the around the corner urban vibe from the metropolis of Berlin, we offer a neighbourhood pop-up experience with fresh coffee, juice and bites - all natural and sharing the flavour of the capital.

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WHO we are

We are a community of real people who turn our passion into impact. We shape the future of brands through people, community and culture. We make ideas happen.

We began our journey as an exclusive partner of adidas, UEFA, and FC Bayern in 2012, from our headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries of human interaction. We understand what society and our world need.

Our purpose is to enable each other and brands to create real change in people’s lives, ultimately making our world a happier place. Community and culture are therefore a core part of our work.

We have a holistic marketing approach and expertise in strategy, creative, and experiences. As a global community with an extensive international network, we collaborate with handpicked partners to bring beauty to the spheres of sport, culture, and sustainability.